Recruitment and Talent Management Trends in 2012

Recruitment & Talent Management Trends in 2012 – top 10 predictions via @ere_net


Social Media and today’s Recruiter

Social Media/ Social Networking: We’ve each got a profile. We’re constantly updating ‘it’ about our personal lives. And now we admit we’re using ‘it’ in an entirely different way!

Complementing traditional recruitment processes, Social Media is the modern networking, sourcing and background checking channel at a recruitment professional’s disposal.

It is important to first consider, “As Recruitment & HR professionals, if we use Social Media to ‘background check’ or qualify candidates, how do we ensure we are doing so responsibly?” How far will you or your business go in gathering and using this information? Is it ethical to discard an application based on the information they divulge (perhaps unwittingly) without further investigation?

Most individuals (candidates or otherwise) are either totally or partially unaware of the type of information freely available from their ‘social’ pages and the impact this may have on their suitability for hire. Neither do they concern themselves that as security settings change and evolve on these sites, so may availability of personal data if no action is taken by the individual. {More on availability of your personal data click here}

A study conducted by Reppler of 300 individuals involved in the hiring process, showed that a whopping 91% are screening candidates via social networking sites; and of that 47% do so without speaking to them first.

69% of those surveyed admitted they’d rejected a candidate based on information available upon social networking sites; which works both ways when you consider almost the same amount (68%) had hired a candidate based on the same information.

The below infographic {courtesy of} gives a clear view of social media standards of practice developing in today’s hiring process.

HAVE YOUR SAY: Will you perform social networking checks on your next hire?