The Accuracy of the Recruitment Process

Right now in many top level professional sports coaches are losing there jobs and boards are exploring who are the potentials.  Often the statement of “We are going through a process” is used to keep the media at bay as to who the candidates are.

A standardised unbiased process is fundamental to successful recruitment, but work needs to be put into the process to ensure the steps taken are valid in determining who is right for any position.  Often part of the process will be an interview and if people don’t perform well in interview they maybe discarded.  I have often heard the comment “If they can’t handle the pressure of an interview how could they handle the pressure of the job”.  This is utter nonsense.  The link and relevance of a pressure situation of an interview where your candidate has very little interview skills and their ability to handle the pressure of making quick accurate decisions in the field that they are expert, are poles apart.

Making sure a recruitment process is correct involves analysis of the role, the expectation of the person coming into that role and the actions that this person is going to complete whilst in this role.  If the role is a phone based customer help desk, completing a large part of the process on the phone will be required (They may not look the part but on the phone their customer service is highly regarded).  If you are looking for a new coach that must propel the club to greater heights by formulating tactical plans and employing diverse methods of teaching and coaching players, you need to ensure that they are given every opportunity to display this.  It might mean providing enough inside material on the club and players for the candidates to come back and present how and what they would do.

If the process is wrong, isn’t followed or falls over, you might as well throw darts at a board of candidates and choose that way.

Best Regards Rob and good luck with the next coach of your team.


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