Industry Update

The recruitment world is still at a stand still as most organisations are still wedded to the pay for placement or pay a margin on each hour worked by contractors or temps that has been the standard for 20 years in Australia. 

The need for talent in Australian companies is being exacerbated by the needs of the mining industry, but also the requirement to be efficient, productive and generate revenue without incurring extra cost.  The easiest way to do this is to employ the right people.  Talent is not restricted to skills most employers echo the statement “It is difficult to find good people”. 

What are “good” people? And what is “Talent”?  The majority of time it is attitude – and this is something that is not affected by salary.  There are people in all categories of employment, wages, and industries who have ‘good’ and ‘bad’ attitudes.  The goal in recruitment is to find the ‘good’ people, engage with them and get them into your business as you have the opportunity. 

WHR Solutions is assisting companies to do this by embedding our staff within organisations, thus becoming an integral and intimate part of recruitment.  One of our clients predicted the current predicament five years ago – acted and now finds its level of employees is at an all time high. 

I hope to provide some wisdom on how, when and why companies need to recruit in a more intimate, flexible and cost effective manner and change their current ways throughout this blog.

Best regards, Rob


2 thoughts on “Industry Update

  1. Within certain restraints the adage “recruit for attitude and train for skills” is very worthy of consideration. In a perceived buyers’ market employers can be too focused on candidates who can tick all the specification boxes and tend to not focus enough on ability to adapt, learn, listen, communicate and become an effective team member.

  2. A fact indeed! That is why renowned entrepreneur and their establishments stand out today because they recruit attitude and ability for mutual opportunities. Matter of fact Recruitment is a speciality and a solution in itself. Hope to see expanding horizon.

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