Social Media bringing home the jobs for

Social Media bringing home the jobs for US job seekers!


Recruiter Advantages in the RPO model

The RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) model offers a unique opportunity for Recruitment Consultants with benefits weighing up heavily next to agency or internal employment situations.


Have you ever wanted to work for a boutique company where career progression is in line with your potential instead of getting lost in the corporate heirarchy? Not only will your career benefit but within an RPO you also have access to many of the employee benefits that direct employees receive as well as the prestige of working for a high profile corporate organisation.

Our recruitment expertise allows us to work onsite with fantastic companies and brands while maintaining our individuality and unique POD (point of difference).

The WHR Solutions culture is simple: We employ ‘great people’.  

We know that a great attitiude plus expertise (aptitude or proven experience) ensures success in what we do. If you would like more information, then we want YOU to join our community!




Social Media and today’s Recruiter

Social Media/ Social Networking: We’ve each got a profile. We’re constantly updating ‘it’ about our personal lives. And now we admit we’re using ‘it’ in an entirely different way!

Complementing traditional recruitment processes, Social Media is the modern networking, sourcing and background checking channel at a recruitment professional’s disposal.

It is important to first consider, “As Recruitment & HR professionals, if we use Social Media to ‘background check’ or qualify candidates, how do we ensure we are doing so responsibly?” How far will you or your business go in gathering and using this information? Is it ethical to discard an application based on the information they divulge (perhaps unwittingly) without further investigation?

Most individuals (candidates or otherwise) are either totally or partially unaware of the type of information freely available from their ‘social’ pages and the impact this may have on their suitability for hire. Neither do they concern themselves that as security settings change and evolve on these sites, so may availability of personal data if no action is taken by the individual. {More on availability of your personal data click here}

A study conducted by Reppler of 300 individuals involved in the hiring process, showed that a whopping 91% are screening candidates via social networking sites; and of that 47% do so without speaking to them first.

69% of those surveyed admitted they’d rejected a candidate based on information available upon social networking sites; which works both ways when you consider almost the same amount (68%) had hired a candidate based on the same information.

The below infographic {courtesy of} gives a clear view of social media standards of practice developing in today’s hiring process.

HAVE YOUR SAY: Will you perform social networking checks on your next hire?

The Accuracy of the Recruitment Process

Right now in many top level professional sports coaches are losing there jobs and boards are exploring who are the potentials.  Often the statement of “We are going through a process” is used to keep the media at bay as to who the candidates are.

A standardised unbiased process is fundamental to successful recruitment, but work needs to be put into the process to ensure the steps taken are valid in determining who is right for any position.  Often part of the process will be an interview and if people don’t perform well in interview they maybe discarded.  I have often heard the comment “If they can’t handle the pressure of an interview how could they handle the pressure of the job”.  This is utter nonsense.  The link and relevance of a pressure situation of an interview where your candidate has very little interview skills and their ability to handle the pressure of making quick accurate decisions in the field that they are expert, are poles apart.

Making sure a recruitment process is correct involves analysis of the role, the expectation of the person coming into that role and the actions that this person is going to complete whilst in this role.  If the role is a phone based customer help desk, completing a large part of the process on the phone will be required (They may not look the part but on the phone their customer service is highly regarded).  If you are looking for a new coach that must propel the club to greater heights by formulating tactical plans and employing diverse methods of teaching and coaching players, you need to ensure that they are given every opportunity to display this.  It might mean providing enough inside material on the club and players for the candidates to come back and present how and what they would do.

If the process is wrong, isn’t followed or falls over, you might as well throw darts at a board of candidates and choose that way.

Best Regards Rob and good luck with the next coach of your team.

Social media safety reminder for Job Seekers (and Employers)

There have been a few blog posts surrounding the recent move by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) giving their approval for the company Social Intelligence Corp to perform background checks on potential employees via social media.

Although the intelligence gathering organisation is supposedly only looking for ‘red flag’ activity, it is enough to make even the most conservative citizen cringe some, and we implore you to consider the full scope of information in addition to the ‘allowed’ aspects of your online social activity that is potentially at every one of your future employers’ fingertips.

According to Social Intelligence Corp, the company “solely generates reports based on employer pre-defined criteria, both positive and negative. Negative examples include racist remarks or activities, sexually explicit photos or videos, and illegal activity such as drug use. Positive examples include charitable or volunteer efforts, participation in industry blogs, and external recognition. Federal and state protected class information is redacted from the reports we provide. Employers are only exposed to information that is job relevant and may legally be considered in the hiring process.

This may offer little comfort however, if you were fully aware of the scope of information available to external agencies about you. This ‘Personal Data Ecosystem‘ offers a realistic view of how information is legally shared and available; (Source:

But before paranoia sets in, rest assured there are regulations in place to safeguard your privacy and ensure it is maintained lawfully. For information and tips on how to protect yourself online, the Australian Government has released a Stay Smart Online website with sections for children, teens, schools and teachers, home internet users, and small to medium businesses.

We’re told (via that to meet FTC regulations, Social Intelligence Corp “also requires applicants to sign a waiver that gives permission to perform a social media background check. This means you shouldn’t worry about Social Intelligence running background checks randomly without warning and consent.”

At the time of this post we are not aware of a similar agency in Australia offering candidate background checks via social media but we do know that many savvy employers and recruitment agencies are doing these checks themselves via your publically available information.

HAVE YOUR SAY: How comfortable do you feel about your next employer having this information about you before making a decision to hire you?



Sophie Newman for WHR Solutions

Industry Update

The recruitment world is still at a stand still as most organisations are still wedded to the pay for placement or pay a margin on each hour worked by contractors or temps that has been the standard for 20 years in Australia. 

The need for talent in Australian companies is being exacerbated by the needs of the mining industry, but also the requirement to be efficient, productive and generate revenue without incurring extra cost.  The easiest way to do this is to employ the right people.  Talent is not restricted to skills most employers echo the statement “It is difficult to find good people”. 

What are “good” people? And what is “Talent”?  The majority of time it is attitude – and this is something that is not affected by salary.  There are people in all categories of employment, wages, and industries who have ‘good’ and ‘bad’ attitudes.  The goal in recruitment is to find the ‘good’ people, engage with them and get them into your business as you have the opportunity. 

WHR Solutions is assisting companies to do this by embedding our staff within organisations, thus becoming an integral and intimate part of recruitment.  One of our clients predicted the current predicament five years ago – acted and now finds its level of employees is at an all time high. 

I hope to provide some wisdom on how, when and why companies need to recruit in a more intimate, flexible and cost effective manner and change their current ways throughout this blog.

Best regards, Rob

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